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Are Handyman Gig Platforms Dangerous for Females?

In general females are at greater risk than males of being injured, sexually assaulted, kidnapped, or killed. However, there are things that females can do to be safer while using these platforms, including:

  • Never allow a handyman to enter your home if you are alone.
  • Tell the platform you demand both a phone number and address of any handyman sent to your home.
  • Make sure you have a written understanding that the platform has performed a honest background check of the handyman.
  • Understand you have a right refuse to allow a Handyman into your home if you feel uncomfortable for any reason.

Do I Have an Handyman Platform Sexual Assault case?

Speaking to an attorney is the best way to determine your legal options. The experienced lawyers and staff at Hafke Legal Services will listen to your story for free of charge and help you determine the best legal path for you. This case evaluations are free and confidential. If you have been sexually assaulted by your Handyman from, contacting Hafke Legal Services.

What Are Possible Issues with Gig Handyman Platforms?

  • Gig handyman platforms like  Handy Technologies Inc, ANGI (formal known as Angies list), Homeadvisor, HomeStars, Craftjack, Instapro, Alfred, Taskrabbit, Houzz, send handymen to the home of females without the needed level of background checks given they are coming into your home.
  • The platforms provide a false sense of safety to female customer knowing they in fact attempt to claim no sense of safety.

  • The platforms knows that Handyman are provided to females without the needed ability of the female customer to conduct a preliminary interview given the platform implies they have taken this step.

  • The platforms both want to pretend you can only hire a handyman via their system, yet at the same time attempt to use fancy legal wording to tell the female customer that they are doing this at their own risk.

Why is the Gig Economy and Sexual Assaults a Problem?

Both Uber and Lift have dealt with thousands of sexual assault cases, both companies have taken an aggressive stance to correct their corporate cultures to avoid this happening to future customers. Other gig platforms like the Handyman gig economy does not appear ready to accept their responsivity in the sexual assault that could occur when a Handyman enters your home. The Handyman gig platform is a billion dollar industry that is only concerned with their bottom line and not the true safety of their female customers. The much more intimate nature of this gig service, in home handyman, compared to the offered rideshare would make one believe that such companies would drive to offer a true safe product and warnings to their customers. Until they are held accountable by their customers they will continue to use the excuses in law and otherwise when their customers are sexually assaulted.

Hafke Legal Services will hold them responsible. Our sexual assault clients will pay no upfront of out-of-pocket costs, and will only pay legal fees after we secure the compensation they are entitled. Case evaluations are 100% free and confidential.

Our sexual assault clients will pay no upfront or out-of-pocket costs, and will only pay legal fees after we secure the compensation they are entitled. All case evaluations are free and confidential.


S exual Assault is a traumatic incident, please turn to an attorney you can trust both personally and professionally. We know the legal issues and understand the need for a comprehensive approach to this type of litigation. We are dedicated to helping those harmed due to a sexual assault and will take the time to understand every aspect of your case.